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Forthcoming Publication in MIS Quarterly

Screenshot from MISQ article © MISQ
MISQ article

The journal MIS Quarterly has announced the scientific article first authored by JProf. Dr. Mario Nadj on “What Disrupts Flow in Office Work? The Impact of Frequency and Relevance of IT-Mediated Interruption” as a forthcoming publication. MIS Quarterly is considered one of the leading and most prestigious journals in the field of information systems, aiming to publish the most significant scientific papers on them.

The article describes the results of a laboratory experiment in which the frequency (low, high) and content relevance (irrelevant, relevant) of IT-mediated interruptions were manipulated. Specifically, Mario Nadj and his colleagues Raphael Rissler, Marc Adam, Michael Knierim, Maximilian Li, Alexander Maedche, and René Riedl investigated the effects of IT-mediated interruptions on flow, its subdimensions, a feature of heart rate variability, and the performance of experimental participants.

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